Monday, May 28, 2012

Here's what's been going on with me

I just sent this to backers of the Kickstarter project. It's been a difficult and complicated month, and I'm ready to get back to writing! Thanks for your patience.


Hi, backers and other interested folks!

When last we spoke, I was fresh off a wonderful wedding experience, and charged up about getting things going, book-wise. At that time, I had about a month of full time work left before my much-loved Summer Schedule started.

So much has happened since then. The day I returned to work after my wedding break, I learned that a former classmate and colleague had taken his life. Complicating this difficult situation was the fact that he was a professor to many of my current counseling clients. I found it confusing and difficult to figure out how to grieve the loss while comforting others who were feeling it even more sharply than I was. Piled on top of this mess was the death of my mother's husband/companion, leaving her alone at age 78.

Not long after that, I broke a tooth and embarked on a long and painful journey to fix it. A delayed extraction and a couple of weeks of dry socket later, I'm just now on the verge of feeling like doing much.

See, even the healers need healing! I haven't blogged for weeks. Summer schedule has begun, as of now, and I'm finding my way back to the path. This update represents my first effort to do so. Lucky you!

Have no fear.. I'm still very excited to get the book and website going. I just wanted you all to know why you haven't heard from me, and to tell you that I'm back in the saddle again. You'll be hearing more, more often, and the blog will rise from the swirling puddle of ennui and become a shining beacon of... well, whatever. I'll be blogging again. Soon.

Please feel free to be in touch at, or via the blog.

Talk soon!